How do we teach digital drawing for urbanists? The key issue for digital drawing in urbanism is that the operations needed to execute particular drawings means using a variety of software to produce our images. Teaching digital drawing for urbanists is not about achieving great depth of technical ability in a series of particular software but rather about understanding the basics of tools within software that allow us to move between them. This series is centered around the pedagogy of workflow.

C-URL Kits is a series of interactive and static instructional content that teaches digital skills for use in urban projects. Kits are divided into two categories. drawKits are the fundamental buildings blocks of the series. Each drawKit are applied blocks that gives specific instructions to produce particular visualizations. coreKits are theory based blocks that explore underlying concepts that span between software.

The Kit series are structured similarly to that of DIY science experiment kits. drawKits teach based on production and are supported by coreKits which reinforce subtle concepts that are used in the production of drawings. Each Kit is paired with an asset package that is accessible to registered students of the Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism.


drawKit 1A: Basic Asset Mapping

This tutorial will show you the basics of bring in geometry from ArcMap and stylizing geometry based on their attributes.

drawKit 2A: Global Flight Mapping

This tutorial will show you the use of joining and relating tables, XY points, XY to Line, to visualize flights based on open-source data