Urban Edge Studio 2017 // New Huntmar

3rd-year Urbanism Studio / Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism / Winter 2017
Professor Catherine Bonier (Image: New Huntmar Site Plan 2067 by Andrea Tamayo Bernal)

The emphasis in this studio will be on using design thinking and creative visualizations to ask new questions and to develop novel proposals for a site at the current periphery of urban Ottawa. The primary question is, how can a 52 acre site which is now farmland be reimagined, not just as a residential area, but as a new urban center that will act as a catalyst to encourage density and vitality. How can this edge become a center?

Key issues to be incorporated into the research and design for 320 Huntmar will be the future rapid transit stop, which will be located at the northeast edge of the site. The property is also adjacent to the Carp River, and crossed by the Feedmill Creek. The ecological and recreational restrictions and potentials of the site will be explored and enhanced through design. Finally, the basis for each student’s proposal will be a position and a prediction, of what type of program will make this site a new thriving center. Each student should think of their design as a pilot project, crafting a successful urban future.