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All assets for this tutorial are available online through publicly available resources. Resources include: Natural Earth (https://www.naturalearthdata.com/) and Open-Flights (https://openflights.org/data.html). Students can use any datasets that contain source XYZ points and destination XYZ points.


Common Legend:

<p/Photoshop Tool>

<aM/ArcMap Tool>



Q: What were the join and relate tools doing? How do I know which fields connect/relate to other fields?

Using the join and relate tools requires you have understand the information in the dataset. In the case of this project, we needed to know beforehand that each airport has a corresponding IATA code. The routes.dat table

Q: How did you know we could create routes from the routes.dat tables?

The routes.dat table contains both a source IATA code and destination IATA code. Based on our knowledge of <aM/join> and <aM/XY to Line>, we know we append the XYZ coordinates to the route table and create route polylines.