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C-URL Kits

How do we teach digital drawing for urbanists? The key issue for digital drawing in urbanism is that the operations needed to execute particular drawings means using a variety of software to produce our images. Teaching digital drawing for urbanists is not about achieving great depth of technical ability in a series of particular software but rather about understanding the basics of tools within software that allow us to move between them. This series is centered around the pedagogy of workflow.

Categories of videos:

1. Kits are long format project based videos that will use more than one program. These are intended to demonstrate intended workflow and how to work between different programs

2. Techniques are short format skill based videos that will demonstrate one particular tool/idea/method in one program. These are intended to “skill-up” students in areas they might be lacking.


Basic Asset Mapping

Identifying geometry in GIS and styling in Illustrator.

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Global Flight Mapping

Formatting DAT for ArcMap and finishing in Photoshop.

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Basic Sketchup Massing

Components and Groups for massing.

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Basic Rhino Massing

Sketchup to Rhino and from footprints to masses.

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Sketching Roads

Using Record History and Grasshopper to sketch out roads from centrelines.

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