Between Architecture and Infrastructure (2016)

ARCU4801-2016: Selected Topics in Urbanism: Urban Systems – Nature Technology and Health //
Instructor: Catherine Bonier //

This new undergraduate urbanism seminar investigates the relationship between advancing technologies, medical theories, and ideas of art, nature, and public life – and the ways in which the dialog between these forces has shaped and reshaped cities. Water and circulation are threads that pass through all of our studies, linking the basic sustenance of life with the highest cultural aspirations towards improvement, democracy, freedom, and beauty.

This class demands independent intellectual effort and engagement on the part of students. Weekly readings will challenge students to grasp the meanings of health and the artifacts of urban infrastructure and remediation throughout history. From this perspective, students will be required to ask questions regarding our own time. Final projects will require that students understand and document a city of today, in order imagine a healthy city of the future.