Between Architecture and Infrastructure (2017)

ARCU4801-2017: Selected Topics in Urbanism: Urban Systems – Nature Technology and Health //
Instructor: Catherine Bonier //

This seminar investigates the relationship between the themes of urban nature, technological interventions, and theories of health. Students will evaluate the ways in which the dialog between these 3 forces has shaped and reshaped cities. Water is one of the central elements of this inquiry, weaving together these themes and linking basic sustenance with the highest cultural aspirations. Students will learn from past and contemporary infrastructural improvements, and evolving hopes for safety, equity, democracy, freedom, power, and beauty.

Course Objectives
1. To interrogate the relationship between ideas and techniques of urban, environmental, and infrastructural management within historical and global context.
2. To thoughtfully consider how designers, planners, and engineers engage the inherent complexity of social, political, cultural, technical, and scientific issues surrounding urban living and urban crises.
3. To develop excellent skills of interpretation and comparison, using clear and succinct written, visual, and verbal communication to describe and to understand historical and contemporary urban issues.