Southern Louisiana/ Global Waters Studio (2021)

ARCU4304A: Urbanism Studio 4 – Global Perspectives //
Instructor: Catherine Bonier //
Guest Critic: Aron Chang (Civic Studio Orleans) //

This studio takes the waters of Southern Louisiana as its starting point, examining the living things, systems, and structures that exist below, above, and within the Mississippi Delta’s moving edges. At the same time, students will be studying similar systems at home, wherever they are for this semester of online learning. Comparisons between the student’s home context and that of New Orleans will provide the basis for understanding and for design.

This studio takes on urbanism from two simultaneous frameworks – the very small scale of living things and everyday elements, and the large scale of hydrological and infrastructural systems. By looking at big and small, at home and afar, we hope to achieve a broader global understanding of the ways that water shapes life and settlement.


Student Work Project Images: Alexandra Lyn, Alejandra Fajardo, Makki Abir, and Juan Ramirez

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