M.Arch Studio (2018)

ARCS5102: M.Arch 1 – Studio 1 //
Instructor: Catherine Bonier and Ozayr Saloojee //
Visualization Tutor: Alvis Chu //

This is an introductory architectural studio, in which students will learn to work in multiple media, and to understand and develop their projects under the mentorship of their instructors. Students will learn the languages and techniques that will allow them to work towards professional competence within a collaborative profession. At the same time, each student will be required to develop their independent voice as a designer. While each student will have particular strengths, each student will develop their ability to actively interrogate images and objects, and to develop new products, questions, and ideas based on their own interpretations.

Student Work Project Images: Fiki Falola, Brooke Zacharuk, Luke McElcheran

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