Post Pandemia at the Poissonerie Shanahan (Clark 2021)

Author: Shannon Clark

Thesis Advisor: Ozayr Saloojee

Date: 2021

Master of Architecture

Carleton University



An epidemic is not simply biological, but rather a spatial phenomenon that mutates sociopolitical constructions. The mysteries and fears associated with the lurid metaphors of disease have landscaped the city – the typical setting for those thought most susceptible to illness – as though we are looking at “the section of a fibrous tumour.” This thesis speculates on the transformations of space and human relation through epidemic scales. Set in the fictional Poissonerie Shanahan in Montreal’s Jean Talon Market as envisioned by the Quebecois novel, Nikolski, this research draws parallels between the tools of past urban epidemics and current morphologies as a result of COVID-19. By using fiction as a template to understand the intersections of architecture, urbanism and public health, the thesis chronicles an epidemic representation in order to exercise our empathetic intelligence in the face of a global crisis that has rapidly spatialized blame.