The Scars of Sarajevo and Skenderija’s Place (Beslic 2019)

Author: Sara Beslic

Thesis Advisor: Catherine Bonier

Date: 2019

Master of Architecture

Carleton University



The city of Sarajevo is commonly understood through the lens of two events, almost polar opposites in their effect on the city and its people: the 1984 Winter Olympic Games, unveiling Sarajevo to the rest of the world, and the 1992-1995 Siege of Sarajevo, broadcasted worldwide less than a decade later. This thesis reimagines a central node in the city, hoping to contribute to a rehabilitation of the emotional and physical scars left on Sarajevo. The focus for revitalization of this urban site is KSC Skenderija, one of the 1984 Olympic sites located in the city centre. Skenderija is an iconic site that pertains to the memory and identity of all Sarajevans. To honour the importance of this complex, which no longer connects to the vibrant life that once surrounded it, the design emphasis is on connective networks between public and recreational spaces, and the inclusion of new programs to further post-war recovery.

Image from Page 37, Fig. 11 (Map of Sarajevo under siege)