Urban Edge Studio (Ontario-Quebec-Ohio 2018)

ARCU3304: Urbanism in Practice 2 //
Instructor: Catherine Bonier //

Waterfront sites are crucial edges and interstices. They are peripheries and boundaries, and places of nodal connections to wider networks. At urban shorelines, contemporary challenges and opportunities are magnified. Industrial, historical, residential, recreational, commercial, infrastructural, and important ecological functions collide in these zones.

The emphasis in this studio will be on using design thinking and creative visualizations to develop proposals for several sites forming a constellation around the Great Lakes/ St. Lawrence region. How might the waterfronts of Toronto, Montreal, and Cleveland be reimagined and revitalized around issues of equity, environmental resilience, and infrastructural improvement? How might new networks link these sites together?

Student Work Images from Ksheel Shetty, Viktor Ivanovic, Jasmine Sykes, Gregorius Erico and Mitchell Jeffrey

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