Urban Edge Studio (Gatineau-Ottawa 2019)

ARCU3304: Urbanism in Practice 2 //
Instructor: Catherine Bonier

Our emphasis in Urban Edge Studio 2019 will be on using design thinking and creative visualizations to develop proposals for several sites forming a constellation across the Ottawa / Gatineau divide.

How might a transect that joins two provincial waterfronts, crossing important Algonquin sites, be revitalized around issues of equity, environmental resilience, and infrastructural improvement? How might new networks weave these sites together without obliterating layers of meaning? And how can acts of authentic engagement and radical reimagining recognize the voices of human and non-human constituencies whose claim to this land draws into question the validity of standard development practices, goals, and time-frames.

Student Work Images by: Madelaine Snelgrove, Catherine Dela Cruz, Jeremiah Mangilit, and Razi Sasikaran

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