2019 Seoul Biennale

This 2019 academic term, the Carleton Urban Research Lab will be supporting – through teaching and summer work – a submission to the 2019 Seoul Biennale, through a generous invitation to participate from Professor Jae-Sung Chon from the University of Manitoba. Professor Chon is coordinating a Canada-wide submission to the Seoul Biennale’s Global Studio programming. The Biennale has been themed under the premise of “The Collective City.” Undergraduate and Graduate students in Urbanism and Architecture – along with Professor Saloojee, Professor Bonier, C-URL Project coordinator Ian Dayagbil and C-URL Research Fellow Charles Dery – will be working to develop a series of urban DNAs and mutations that explore the Post-Domestic City,

Informal Aggregation, Collective Infrastructures and Collective Identity. Work produced in a vertical production seminar will be refined and further developed in the early spring through the Carleton Urban Research Lab, for submission in late summer. C-URL would like to acknowledge the remarkable generosity of Professor Chon’s invitation to participate.