Equitable cities for healthy people and nature

Catherine Bonier joins as project co-investigator on the Equitable Cities for Healthy People and Nature research project.

Natural Cities – $50,000 Multidisciplinary Research Catalyst Fund (MRCF)

Joseph Bennett (PI), Institute of Environmental and Interdisciplinary Science

Rachel Buxton (co-PI) ECR, Department of Biology

“Over 70% of Canadians live in urban areas, a proportion that is expected to continue increasing. Urban growth is a key contributor to the ongoing biodiversity crisis and public health problems, leading to health risks, inequitable access to resources, and environmental degradation. Urban living reduces people’s contact with the natural environment, which is problematic because exposure to nature is associated with better health and promoting environmentally sustainable behavior. Meanwhile, efforts to conserve biodiversity mainly focus on large, relatively untouched areas with high biodiversity. Yet, restoring and protecting biodiversity in urban areas through nature-based solutions offers an opportunity to foster nature connectivity and health for an enormous number of people, while simultaneously improving conservation outcomes.”

Research Team: https://carleton.ca/naturalcities/team-members/

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